Whatever you do, don’t drill a hole into your new iPhone 7

Published September 28, 2016 by lagmen
Drilling into an iPhone 7I can’t believe I have to say this: Please don’t drill a hole into your new iPhone 7. This is a very very bad idea:

We’re all mourning the loss of the headphone jack on Apple’s latest iPhone, which is a very nice phone. But however hard you try—and it seems some of the 12 million exceedingly frustrated people that have watched this prank video by Ukranian vlogger Taras Maksimuk actually tried—there is no secret headphone port inside the iPhone 7 that can be revealed by drilling a hole into it.

Just use the new headphones Apple gave you, or the bundled-in adapter to connect the headphones you already use, or wait a month and spend another $160 on Apple’s forthcoming wireless headphones.

Power tools are never the answer. The iPhone 7 is very expensive.



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