What Every First Time Renter Should Know

Published October 30, 2016 by lagmen

What every first time renter should know before getting an apartment. A first apartment is like a first relationship, a pretty big personal step that can be exciting, thrilling, and somewhat terrifying.

You’ve come of age, saved up some money and gotten a secured source of income. Now you’re ready to secure an apartment and move out of your relatives’ home. If you want to leave the nest on strong footing, here are a few things that can make your life much easier.

Have A Budget
Keep in mind that getting an apartment of your own means learning to pay bills, and the rent bill should be your highest priority when it comes to your expenses. Know what you can afford to pay for rent up front. Ideally, rent should make up less than 30% of your income. Being certain you can afford the rent is important.

Read the Rules
Be certain that you understand what’s covered in the residential lease agreement. Ask your landlord, agent or a lawyer any questions before signing a lease. Never let a structural defect, health hazard, or community concern just sit. Telling your landlord about problems immediately can protect you from liability when you move out.

Moving In
Inspect your new apartment very well before moving in. Make your concerns or any necessary repairs known to the agent or property owner. This increases your chances of getting them fixed right away. As a tenant, it’s your right to live in a safe and habitable environment.

Clean First
Chances are, the first apartment you move into isn’t going to be sparkling. Upon moving in, make sure to clean the floors, bathtub, sinks and toilet. Floors, for example, will be much easier to clean when you’re not maneuvering around rugs, tables, chairs and couches. Once everything has been disinfected and wiped clean, then you can start filling your apartment with all of its furnishings.

Just tackle one task at a time, and you’ll have a fully habitable, beautiful apartment in no time.



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