Facebook’s handmade internal “propaganda” posters are now for sale

Published November 19, 2016 by lagmen

Remember when you still wrote with pencils.

In case you feel like Facebook doesn’t already wield enough influence in your life, the social media giant is now selling its own bespoke office posters to the public. Fifteen motivational posters from Facebook HQ, hand-printed with slogans like “Slow down and fix your shit,” are currently on auction until Nov. 20.

Facebook’s internal posters are famously screen-printed one by one, in batches of up to 100 copies at Facebook’s in-house Analog Research Laboratory. Designer Ben Barry, known internally as the “Minister of Propaganda,” founded the lab along with co-worker Everett Katigbak in 2010. Originally located in the company’s warehouse basement in Palo Alto, it has now moved with the company headquarters to Menlo Park, where it creates internal branding for Facebook’s 36 global offices.


Displaying bright reds, yellows and bold fonts that pop from beige backgrounds, the posters on auction feel surprisingly retro for Silicon Valley, despite references to “hacker” and “hacktober,” and occasional pixelated graphic elements. Like all office posters, they offer cheesy inspirational quotes credited to authorities like psychologist Abraham Maslow or Urban Dictionary. One is just attributed to “Jeremy’s dad.”

Here are some of the posters on sale at Heritage Auction:













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