BMC launches digital innovation suite for developers

Published December 12, 2016 by lagmen
BMC Innovation Suite enables complex workflow-based app development in the cloud on AWS.
BMC has announced the general availability of the new BMC Innovation Suite solution for developers. Initially available on Amazon Web Services, the cloud-based development environment is designed to empower developers as well as business analysts to co-create powerful enterprise apps with stunning user experiences.
 With new revenue streams, operational efficiencies, and outcome-based business models, enterprises are looking for ways to accelerate digital service offerings on the cloud. Enterprises are evaluating digital platforms that are capable of delivering transformational innovations in multi-source cloud, multi-workloads, and IoT environments at a rapid pace. IDC predicts that by 2018, over 60 percent of new apps will use cloud-enabled continuous delivery and cloud-native application architectures to enable faster innovation and business agility. Developers are the central players in enabling successful digital transformation strategies, and the new offering extends BMC’s leadership by empowering developers and business analysts to co-create innovative digital service management applications in the cloud.
“Innovation can no longer only be driven by IT,” said Nayaki Nayyar, president, Digital Service Management at BMC. “The priorities of digital business require that BMC empowers faster innovation across organizations, so we are raising our commitment to developers and building an ecosystem where we support ‘no-code, low-code and pro-coder’ developer-environment capabilities.”
“In a complex multi-source environment landscape, BMC Innovation Suite enables businesses to accelerate digital service management
apps and services getting to market through agile app development and offers a huge competitive advantage to those companies adopting it.”
Tailored for third-party developers and freelancers as well as partner and customer app developers, the BMC Innovation Suite solution combines modern coding languages with simplified design tools.
Other features include:
Innovation Studio: Simple, intuitive drag-and-drop UI to do codeless innovation, enabling business users to collaborate with IT
SDK: A set of tools and samples that is integrated with the Innovation Studio feature
Library of connectors and components: Capabilities that can be used to extend and configure when building powerful applications
REST APIs: APIs required to integrate with external systems
Developer Education: Self-learning content
“As a service design architect, I am often working with clients who need a lot of flexibility in how applications are built to support business processes,” said Lukasz Piech, architect in Capgemini’s Service Integration Practice. “Using common process modeling notation to create little- or no-code applications with BMC Innovation Suite can greatly improve time-to-market for delivering new, complex multi-tenant solutions that respond to business requirements.”
The BMC Innovation Suite is immediately available for developers and others to use and build digital service management apps. It is initially offered on the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform, with future support planned for more cloud services platforms. To drive adoption and support of this new approach, BMC is also launching a BMC Developer Program and a connected ecosystem with access to community-generated apps, re-usable components, and expertise.

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