Simplilearn introduces courses in AWS and Azure

Published December 19, 2016 by lagmen

The cloud courses are the latest additions to a line of master’s programs for IT professionals.

With cloud computing emerging as the most in-demand skill of 2017, professional certification training company Simplilearn has announced the launch of master’s programs in AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud. These cloud courses are the latest additions to a line of Masters Programs that the company launched to help professionals up-skill for the digital age.
These are comprehensive courses structured around learning paths recommended by industry experts. The company currently offers 13 master’s programs that are targeted at professionals looking to build exciting careers in popular fields like cloud computing, mobile, data science, big data Hadoop, and digital marketing.
“Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing fields today, driven by accelerated adoption by enterprises worldwide. This has led to a spike in the demand for qualified professionals in this space. Unsurprisingly, our recent cloud computing courses have become as popular as our offerings in big data, digital marketing, and project management,” said Kashyap Dalal, Chief Business Officer. “We launched master’s programs across our key categories last year. These training programs are structured around comprehensive learning paths, helping professionals’ master relevant technologies and skills. We are now excited to expand the master’s program catalog with courses in AWS and Azure. These cloud courses will help professionals become experts in these in-demand technologies and fast-track their careers.”
Over 4000 professionals from the U.S. and India have graduated from these programs since the launch. The training is delivered by a global panel of industry experts, and users from different geographical regions and time-zones can attend classes online at their convenience. The courses have strong experiential learning components, with high quality e-learning content, live projects, mentoring sessions, community forums, study plans and reminders to supplement the learning. On completing the courses, learners receive the master’s program certificate that validates the skill-set required for their dream roles in industry.

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