HackerEarth aims for global expansion

Published January 14, 2017 by lagmen

HackerEarth collaborates with DICE and Webstaff in the US and Japan markets respectively.

HackerEarth announced its entry into the global markets through reseller partnerships with DICE in the US and Webstaff, in Japan.
HackerEarth is the hub for programmers to practice and improve their programming skills, compete in coding challenges or hackathons and showcase their profile. Businesses use HackerEarth to assess technical skills of developers and build developer relations. Through these partnerships, HackerEarth’s core products, the Recruit and Sprint, will now be available in North America and Japan.
The partnership will bring HackerEarth offerings to DICE and Webstaff’s customers and applicants. The products will help in accelerating the technical hiring process, improve applicant quality for employers, and provide a tool for candidates to set themselves apart.
“Technical recruiting is a cumbersome process and HackerEarth has been working hard towards solving that problem We believe that our partnership with DICE and Webstaff is a step in the right direction,” said Sachin Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, HackerEarth. “We’re confident that this partnership will speed up employers’ hiring processes and provide candidates with the tools and services needed to prove their technical aptitude.”
HackerEarth Recruit allows companies to conduct tests to screen technical candidates. The product automatically creates challenges, remotely evaluates candidates and gives a detailed and objective insight on technical skills of candidates.
Sprint is a hackathon management tool used by organizations for developer engagement through various intra-company activities such as product development challenges, and branding hackathons. Sprint automates the entire process of conducting hackathons – right from creating teams, online collaborative development among participants, showcasing products, tracking progress and peer review – to judging the submissions.
The DICE partnership with HackerEarth will enable DICE to offer customizable tests for purchase by employers to screen and qualify candidates in 32 different programming languages. For employers without in-depth technical knowledge, HackerEarth’s pre-built library of 19,000 technical and non-technical questions simplifies the process of creating tests. Additionally, DICE will resell ‘hackathon’ services, enabling employers with a simple solution to host their own in-person or virtual hackathons.
“We are excited by this partnership and the value it will bring to DICE customers. We are thrilled to provide employers user-friendly skill assessments to enhance the screening process and help them hire the ideal candidate,” said Bob Melk, President of DICE. “DICE’s partnership with HackerEarth offers an added layer of assurance, empowering employers who leverage the services to feel confident they are making a more informed hiring decision. Additionally, the partnership strengthens DICE offerings for tech professionals providing them with an easy way to demonstrate their proficiency and move through the hiring process faster.”
Through HackerEarth’s powerful management platform, employers can run hackathons to achieve a variety of outcomes including sparking innovation within a company, building viable products, expanding employment branding to new tech professionals and qualifying top tech talent for potential future hire.
WebStaff is Japan’s first ever web specialized human resource service company providing multiple HR services to the IT industry including staffing, placement, consulting and outsourcing web design. Historically, recruitment in Japan has been following a very traditional route where there is no technical assessment of a candidate. The competition for excellent engineers is high and despite investing a huge amount of time, money and staff, companies are mourning that “engineers cannot be hired.” Despite the long and difficult hiring process many companies are ending up hiring the wrong candidate.
“HackerEarth Recruit, which can be used in both Japanese and English, will be a great tool in advancing IT recruitment,” said Machida Toyoaki, Global Recruitment Head, Webstaff. “We are bringing Recruit to Japanese market with some predefined usage plans for different periods of time based on client’s needs. The HR market for engineers is very competitive right now and might become fiercer over time thus, without tools like Recruit it’s going to be extremely difficult to hire engineers in Japan in near future.”
Webstaff now aims to introduce technical assessment in the Japanese ecosystem through HackerEarth Recruit. This will help Webstaff to screen the candidates on technical skills, thereby allowing them to reduce time to hire and improve the quality of candidates. In addition to providing HackerEarth Recruit services in Japanese, Webstaff will also implement internal employee skill check using Recruit and offer a training program to the employees with the help of their sister company, Internet Academy, to propel the skill level of the organization.
HackerEarth has been able to garner close to four hundred customers and a base of more than one million developers across the world and is looking forward to bring more aspiring coders to their platform.

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