Windows 10 Build15007 boostsEdge browser

Published January 18, 2017 by lagmen

    ​The preview release of Build 15007 also

    features UWP and Bluetooth

    improvements, and it fixes several bugs

    Microsoft’s newly released Windows 10

    Insider Preview Build 15007 promotes the

    struggling Edge browser by making it

    easier to import data from other browsers.

    In addition, the build adds capabilities for

    Universal Windows Platform, Bluetooth,

    and Cortana.

    The build for PCs and mobile devices was

    released Thursday, Jan. 12, to Windows

    users in the fast ring, which is the fastest

    beta test group. The 15007 build follows by

    a few days the 15002 build, which added

    capabilities like an improved interface and

    metered connection status for Wi-Fi and

    unplugged Ethernet connections.

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    For PCs, the 15007 build’s revised Edge

    application makes it easier to bring data

    like favorites, browsing history, and saved

    passwords from another browser when

    switching to Edge, said Dona Sparker,

    software engineer in Microsoft’s Windows

    and Devices Group. The revised Edge can

    also share tabs with compatible Windows


    XAML scrollbar improvements for

    Universal Windows Platform, for both the

    PC and mobile versions of the OS, ensure

    the scrollbar’s availability when needed

    while taking up less space. The panning

    indicator now appears when the user

    mouses over a scrolling region, and the

    full scrollbar appears when a user wants

    to directly interact with it. This

    improvement will be visible in apps using

    the Windows 10 Creators SDK.

    The new Bluetooth APIs, for both PC and

    mobile devices, can be tried out for GATT

    Server, Bluetooth LE Peripheral role, and

    unpaired Bluetooth LE device connectivity.

    The updated device setting lets mobile

    users manage both Bluetooth and other

    connected devices from a single page.

    For Windows Hello facial recognition, build

    15007 improves discovery and enrollment.

    There’s now a visual indicator that tracks

    your face in real time, plus an improved

    progress indicator and guidance on how to

    orient your face for sign-in.

    Keyboard navigation improvements in the

    Snipping Tool on PCs let users take a

    screen capture using a keyboard shortcut

    — a throwback to the Windows 95 days’

    use of the now-rare PrtScr key.

    Microsoft also is highlighting an addition

    to the Cortana personal digital assistant to

    help find links in Edge, SharePoint, and

    various cloud storage services in the

    Action Center when switching between

    PCs. It’s similar in concept to the browser

    window synchronization in Apple’s Safari,

    but works with more than web pages.

    Enterprise mobile users can now also sync

    settings using Azure Active Directory,

    including passwords, Wi-Fi profiles, Edge

    favorites, the Edge reading list, and app

    data across desktop and mobile devices.

    (This feature was previously available to

    PC users.) They also can reset a mobile

    app back to its original state, such as to

    clear a corrupted app.

    Build 15007 also fixed several bugs:

    Tearing off an Edge tab could cause a PC

    to run a bug check.

    The Virtual Touchpad was missing from

    the taskbar context menu.

    Remote Desktop connections could fail due

    to invalid credentials were in fact valid.

    Some known bugs remain, include nonstop

    exceptions in the Spectrum.exe service in

    which PCs can lose audio, disk I/O usage

    becomes very high, and apps like Edge can

    become unresponsive. Microsoft says the

    workaround to this issue is to delete


    and reboot.


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