Simplilearn launches placement assistance service

Published January 28, 2017 by lagmen
Simplilearn launches placement assistance service

JobAssist is aimed at placing Simplilearn graduates in top hiring companies for relevant job openings.

Professional certification training provider Simplilearn has announced the launch of its new value-added service – JobAssist.  JobAssist is a placement assistance service that is aimed at placing Simplilearn graduates in front of the top hiring companies for relevant job openings, based on the industry skill requirements.
Simplilearn’s newly set up placement cell will process resumes on behalf of the graduates and showcase them to top hiring companies for listed and un-listed openings for middle, mid-senior, and senior level openings. The company will partner with hiring companies ranging from large enterprises to top ranking startups in India. Currently, JobAssist is applicable for professionals getting trained in big data, data science, and digital marketing through Simplilearn’s select online classroom and Masters Program courses.
“Technical recruitment is becoming a challenge in India. While job portals are not equipped in hiring quality talent across mid to senior levels, companies find it equally challenging to recruit the best skilled talent in high numbers,” said Kashyap Dalal, Chief Business Officer, Simplilearn said. “The launch of JobAssist will allow us to bridge the hiring gap in the job market, as we help companies recruit quality talent with specialized skills in digital technologies. This is also a step closer to the company’s larger mission of helping professionals and enterprises succeed in the digital economy.”
Professionals who complete the course along with their projects and hold a final assessment score of 80 percent are eligible for JobAssist. With the intent of connecting graduates to the top recruiting companies with relevant job openings, the service will be valid for a year from the date of course completion. The profiles of candidates are shortlisted based on their performance and requirement parameters as defined by the hiring company.
“We have launched JobAssist in areas of big data, data science, and digital marketing, with plans to expand this assistance in our other growing categories as well. The goal at Simplilearn has always been to deliver career growth for our alumni. With JobAssist, we are now not just helping professionals up-skill, but we will also help them in getting a career boost by showcasing their CVs as well as the projects they work on during our programs to some of the top employers in these high growth domains,” added Kashyap.

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