Peña Nieto’s new “Made in Mexico” program is inspired by Trump in more ways than one

Published February 3, 2017 by lagmen

Trump’s rule about regulation

And like Trump in his Jan. 30 executive order to reduce regulation, Peña Nieto is also calling for bureaucrats to kill two rules for every new one they create. That’s one of a series of measures to speed up processes and reduce requirements to lighten the burdens on businesses. It specifically refers to international trade and foreign investment as areas worthy of more efficient procedures.

An emblem always helps

But the most visible part of the new program is the Hecho en México seal that its organizers want to appear on every product made in the country.

The eagle image on it, reminiscent of the one that appears on the Mexican flag, is meant to encourage government, businesses, and consumers to make the patriotic choice whenever they buy something. Peña Nieto underscored that goods made by foreign companies in Mexico would also meet the Mexican criteria.

“Today we have to consume what is Mexican,” said Peña Nieto. “Not only because it is, but because they are quality products that compete in markets and they are the best choice to make.”

As rallying cries go, that’s not as pithy as the Make America Great Again slogan emblazoned on the red baseball caps frequently worn by Trump and his supporters. But it’s a start.


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